#20    Jasen Skyberg            213             2011 Champion
#2      Bob Bachman            199               4 time Champion
#70    Dean Waltman           162              5 time Champion
#17    Kevin Detweiler          124              2011 Rookie Of the year
#58    Bruce Gillogly             120
#9      Andy Graybeal             76
#59    Dick Sola                    70                77 years old
#5      Mike Ortiz                   69                Home town Salt lake
#14    Dave Skyberg              49               Ford powered roadster
#47    Rex Reeve                   33
#66    Steve Waswick             32
#11    Dean Bachman             29              16 years old Rookie
#42    Steve Howell                27               Rookie
#22    Pat Young                    22
#62    Kevin Chipman           18

The UMFA is pleased to announce Cars and Conversation, an exciting event featuring America’s best-known car enthusiast and host of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On July 14 at 8 pm,  Jay Leno will take the stage of Kingsbury Hall with Ken Gross, guest curator of Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile, for a lively discussion about everything auto. Jay and Ken will exchange great car discovery stories, talk about Jay’s lifetime involvement with cars, and discuss his many automotive adventures as a pace car driver. Cars and Conversation will conclude with an interactive question and answer session with the audience. For more information go to www.speedumfa.com

PhotobucketTires are one of the most important parts on your vehicle that you need to maintain and make sure they are in good condition. Having a blowout on the freeway, or not being able to get into your neighborhood after a snowstorm because your tires are bald is very inconvenient. By keeping an eye on your tires and the condition they are in, you can eliminate a lot of headache on your part. View a quick video below with tips on tires. Continue reading