1. What is the phone number to the ticket office?

(801) 252-9557

2. Where is Rocky Mountain Raceways located?

Take the 5600 West exit off Highway 201 (2100 South) and head South to the Frontage Road, where you will turn right, following it all the way to Rocky Mountain Raceways.

6555 West 2100 South
West Valley City, Utah
Office Hours – Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

FROM I-15 (Northbound or Southbound)

  1. Take Highway 201 Westbound
  2. Take 5600 West exit and head South
  3. Turn right onto Frontage Road and follow until you reach RMR

FROM I-215

  1. Take the 2100 South Westbound exit (Hwy 201-Westbound)
  2. Take the 5600 West exit, turning South at the light
  3. Turn right onto the Frontage Road and follow until you reach RMR

3. Can I bring outside food and drink?

No outside food or drink are allowed when entering Rocky Mountain Raceways, but there are many concession stands with a variety of food for spectators and participants.

4. Can I bring umbrellas and/or lawn chairs?

No lawn chairs, however there are reserved seatback-style seats available for purchase at Rocky Mountain Raceways.

Rocky Mountain Raceways will allow spectators to bring umbrellas into racing events where there is a clear threat of rain. The only time the umbrella can be used is when it is raining. Umbrellas may not be used as shade, due to risks of eye injuries to other spectators and obstructing other spectators view of the racetrack.

5. What exactly does “Family Section” mean?

The family section is designed for spectators to be away from smoking and drinking during events. There is no smoking or drinking allowed in these designated areas.

In addition, these sections tend to sell quickly for “reserved seating” events or “Major Events”, so buy your tickets early for these events.

6. Can I buy souvenirs at the races?

Rocky Mountain Raceways has a variety of souvenirs available at the souvenir stand directly east of the main concession area. In addition, many racers offer their souvenirs in the pits for fans.

7. Am I allowed to take pictures and video at the events?

Rocky Mountain Raceways reserves the right to photograph, videotape, or film our visitors, on RMR grounds, for self-promotional purposes.

The commercial use of photographs, video, and film taken during your visit is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Rocky Mountain Raceways.